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Taking My Number to Another Network with a PAC Code

Rohit Sindhu

  • You’ll need to check when your agreement ends; if you’re not sure about when this is, contact us. If you’re not at the end yet, you’ll need to wait or pay an early termination fee
  • To move to another network, you’ll need a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC), which you’ll need to call us to request. We’ll then issue a PAC, which you’ll need to give your new network provider to start the moving process
  • The PAC is valid for 30 days – remember to use it in that time or your number won’t be moved and you’ll stay with Onecom. If you wait too long, you’ll need to ask for another PAC
  • You’ll be billed as normal until the date that your number leaves to move to the other network. Your final bill will show any refunds and the early exit fee (if applicable). If you pay by Direct Debit, please don’t cancel this until your final payment has been taken
  • Remember that if your phone is currently locked to Vodafone, you’ll need to request for this to be unlocked. We can do this on your behalf if you contact us with your IMEI and mobile number. Unlocking your device will take 2-10 working days and we’ll let you know when it’s completed

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