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I need to send my device to you for a repair. How should I package this?

Mark Mizen

Please ensure that your device is backed up, packaged securely in bubble wrap and that the back cover, battery and any accessories have been retained unless you have been advised otherwise.

If your device is registered to iCloud or Google, please ensure that these accounts are removed prior to sending the device to us.

Removing iCloud via your device

  • Turn device on
  • Select ‘Settings
  • Select ‘iCloud
  • Press ‘Delete account
  • Enter apple ID password when prompted
  • Select Turn off

Removing a Google account via your device

  • Navigate to settings
  • Select accounts
  • Select Google
  • Select your Google account
  • On older Samsung Galaxy phones, press the Remove account button in the bottom-right corner of the phone
  • On newer Galaxies, press the word More or three dots in the top-right of the screen and press the Remove button

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