True Telecom FAQs


Yes, you will now need to speak to Onecom on 03333 44 55 01. Please note calls to the True Telecom number will automatically route to Onecom Customer Services.

No, all contracts will continue to be valid with no changes to the terms and conditions.

No, Onecom will contact any customers due for renewal.

Yes. All current True Telecom email addresses will no longer work, email addresses for Onecom end in


Onecom will continue to serve and support you in ways that best suits your needs. For any sales or support queries please call 03333 44 55 01.

Alternatively, if you require technical support email For sales email

Any changes to process will be notified immediately.

No, Onecom will automatically take over the direct debit instruction.

True Telecom’s (in administration) customer base was purchased by Onecom to increase the number of accounts managed, as well as to end a period of uncertainty for True Telecom customers.

Details of how to pay by credit or debit card will appear on your bill.

From 05 February 2018 all transactions will be generated and administered by Onecom Limited.

Customers will have access to a broader portfolio of world-leading products, award winning customer service and highly competitive commercials.

Product names may be updated at a later date, but there is no immediate change. Any future changes will be communicated prior to being released.

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