Unified Communications

Unified Communications is a simple idea. Instead of maintaining standalone solutions such as a fixed line telephone system, a mobile communications facility, connectivity provision and an IT resource – inevitably all delivered by exclusive providers – you make it ‘one’.

By reducing the degree of disconnect – or even removing it entirely – provides a faster, more agile communications structure that is more efficient and supremely cost-effective.

Unified Communications is a logical response to new ways of working – you take the methods of communication and collaboration that perform best for your business and integrate them, intelligently .



Onecom has the ability to define and provide whatever it is your business needs to communicate more effectively – that’s why we consider our Unified Communications offering to be above that of other providers in terms of approach and provision.

By unifying the ways of communicating you need to use, you can collaborate from any workspace, using desktop PC, laptop, mobile or tablet, easily accessing presence notification, instant messaging, voice calling, video, desktop sharing, and conferencing.


One Net is an effective, fully scalable way to streamline your business communications. This single solution integrates fixed line, mobile, desktop and tablet connectivity delivering presence notification, instant messaging, voice calling, video, desktop sharing, and conferencing.

One Net is designed to achieve economies both in terms of time and money with administration being reduced by the provision of a single comprehensive bill.

Extended collaborative working is just as important as flexible communication. With products such as Microsoft Lync (previously Office Communications Server) and Microsoft Office 365 you can work anywhere, anytime, on any device. In the office, on-site or in the field, you have access to the very latest Microsoft tools and applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint allowing you to create, edit, and share with anyone, in real time. Connect with customers and colleagues, with access to documents, email, calendars, and contacts.

Office 365 offers the same user-level security options and Trust Center as Microsft Office desktop version with integrated anti-spam tools for enhanced email filtering and identification.

Beyond office processes is the sharing of information. Unified Communications delivers a powerful and flexible resource allowing secure real time access to the CRM, inventory control and status systems that power your business.

Quality of data is paramount. Only ‘up to the minute’, is good enough, and Unified Communications from Onecom will help you access and share the information you need even in the most time-critical environment.

The premise of Unified Communications makes sound sense. However, the actual process of unifying your communications relies on solid strategy and competent implementation. Onecom offers more than any other provider in terms of assessing your specific requirements and delivering on-time, on-budget UC solutions that are guaranteed to make a discernable difference to the way you work.


The Cloud is all about the provision and consumption of technology resources

It has the ability to make everything faster, scale more easily and significantly reduce costs.The Cloud is, for many businesses, proving invaluable.



SIP Trunk

 Beyond voice calling there is instant messaging, multimedia conferencing, presence updates and other real-time communications services – powerful tools that enable you to do more business more easily than ever before.

 To access these features a high-performance connection – known as a SIP Trunk – is required. This links your business directly to your service provider and is available from Onecom. SIP Trunk delivers immediate and substantial cost savings on all voice calling, including to international destinations, also greater flexibility, improved resilience and full scalability when compared to ISDN. SIP Trunk is the first real step towards simplifying your telecommunications, preparing your business for what has yet to come.

SIP Trunk services may be delivered using an existing Internet connection. This permits the upgrading of telephone services, whilst minimising the disruption usually associated with the installation of a new network service. SIP Trunk services may be scaled up and down, as and when required, with minimum planning. SIP channels can be increased to meet demand, and reduced accordingly. Whether it be seasonal or tactical demand, SIP allows more capacity to be achieved in the shortest of timeframes.

Super Resilient SIP (SRS) can be achieved by configuring SIP Trunks in parallel with Onecom’s Broadband Ultra. Alternatively, SRS, formatted using Onecom’s Ethernet First Mile (EFM) provides automatic fail over to an identical connection if necessary.

With SIP Trunking from Onecom, high-quality voice and data services may be transferred using a single connection without compromising Quality of Service. By pairing SIP with Onecom’s inbound call management system, voice traffic may be rerouted quickly and easily should connectivity be compromised or a location lost.

Discover how powerful SIP Trunk technology is – talk to the Onecom Enterprise Solutions team on
03333 44 55 01.

MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching)

MPLS is a technique – not a solution in its own right. It is the highly efficient method of establishing a virtual private network (VPN) in order to connect geographically diverse sites.

MPLS identifies and directs digitized information meaning voice, email, video, data and applications are prioritized, managed and delivered as required.

Various degrees of speed, efficiency and security can be delivered depending on your needs.

By establishing a virtual private network between locations – no matter how far apart or where in the world they are – digitized content, including voice, can be transferred quickly and securely.

Access to the network can be achieved using multiple access technologies including Onecom’s, Broadband Ultra (ADSL), Ethernet Over Fibre To The Cabinet (eoFTTC), Ethernet First Mile (EFM), and public internet – for this reason, it is known as IP VPN – Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network.

IP VPN MPLS plays a highly significant role in establishing fully collaborated working, delivering ‘always on’ connectivity to any approved device wherever it’s located in the world, at any time of the day or night.

Using a variety of access technologies MPLS is the ultimate in voice and data management.

Discover how IP VPN MPLS can change the way you work for the better – talk to the Onecom Enterprise Solutions team on 03333 44 55 01.

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