Mobile Services

The enterprise mobile marketplace is highly competitive, however it is an environment within which Onecom continues to excel, offering:

  • Generous technology funds
  • Highly competitive hardware prices
  • Unique network level discounts
  • Unprecedented flexibility

Mobile Communication

For any mobile fleet manager the priorities remain constant – device accessibility, reliability, security and cost. These four issues are the foundation on which all Onecom mobile solutions are established.

Device Accessibility

There is an enterprise-grade device for everyone – available on iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Windows platforms – and Onecom offers them all.



By combining proven network resilience with dedicated account management and superior customer service, reliability and robustness are guaranteed.


Durable application and content management, along with multi-level data defence, is achieved and maintained using tried and tested specialist solutions from world-class security experts.

  • Device location finder
  • Remote activation and deactivation
  • Real-time activity and threat monitoring
  • Lone worker protection


Cost is controlled at every opportunity with extensive low-cost or no-cost SMS and calling, pooled voice and data allowances and managed international use.

As the mainstay of today’s business communications Onecom specialises in controlling the cost of data at every level. Highly competitive tariffs, rigorous consumption management and the strategic compression of data guarantees cost is kept to an absolute minimum.

Whether here or abroad, substantial savings can be made by combining solutions and analytics that ensure data is readily accessible, delivered at the required quality, at exactly the right price.

To find out more, talk to Onecom’s Enterprise Mobile Team on 03300 24 00 00.


Onecom invests more in its Customer Support provision than any other independent business telecoms provider in the UK, maintaining its own care and service teams, software developers and network administrators.

For mobile fleet operators Onecom has developed CommsManager, the ultimate in connected device management.



Developed exclusively by Onecom, CommsManager is an always-on, web-based application providing comprehensive, self-serve mobile fleet management via a simple to use client interface.

Features include:

  • New device ordering and initiation
  • Device repair and replacement coordination
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Flexible cost centre allocation
  • Reporting and summary function
  • Itemised billing by user and/or month
  • Billing by device or group

For a free, no obligation review of your mobile account, complete the form here. Alternatively, call the Onecom Review Team on 03300 535 525.