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At Onecom we have great deals across a range of devices for our customers. If you’re looking for 1, 2 or up to 5 handsets we can help. Just give us a call on 03300 535 525 and we’ll get you sorted.

As the leading independent telecommunications provider in the UK, Onecom can help you to find the right mobile solution for your business.

Choose from a range of handsets and models and highly competitive tariffs on any network to ensure that your business is fully connected no matter where you are.

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Smarter mobile solutions for your business

We help our customers find smarter solutions for their mobile devices to increase productivity, reduce costs and ensure you have seamless communication across your business. With Onecom, you get access to a whole range of benefits and solutions that are tailored for your specific needs.

Choose a network to suit you

We want to help make sure that your team can access digital, clear connection when they need it.

Our account managers can check the coverage of the networks in your main business locations and provide recommendations so that you can get the best network coverage for your usage. We work closely with all our partners so that we can help you choose the right network solution for your devices.

Finding the right handset

Not all businesses require the latest model of mobile or tablet for their business. Every industry is different in terms of their needs, but our account managers can help recommend the right handset for your company needs.

We stock a wide range of handsets from robust, shatterproof models to the newest models on the market. We can recommend entry level, mid-level or high-level models to fit your specific needs across the business.

Warranty protected

All our handsets come with 12-24 months warranty to ensure you get reliable and durable models that are protected. Our team are on hand to provide support when necessary and ensure that repairs are handled efficiently and quickly so that you can concentrate on your core business.

All our repairs are conducted by Onecom trained staff and approved by the manufacturers, so you get quality repairs every time.

Get what you need straight from the box

We provide a complete package for our customers as soon as it’s delivered. Our team ensures that all your company software and useful apps are installed and set up as soon as you receive your mobile or tablet.

We work with you to understand what your existing requirements are and what applications could also help your business. We’ll find a complete solution for your mobile devices and install them prior to sending them out to you.

There’s no need to spend hours installing new apps on your phone, you get access to your current systems from the get-go.

Keeping you informed

We make sure that all our business customers are updated when newer handsets come on the market. What’s more, we’ll inform you when current models are going out of stock and recommend replacements that will fit your needs.

A cost that’s right for you

As an independent telecommunications provider, we’re able to work across a number of networks giving our customers more choice when it comes to price. We offer competitive tariffs to find a cost that fits your budget.

Onecom is positioned to provide unique network level discounts and unprecedented flexibility so that we can find the ideal solution for your business mobile needs.

Secure systems you can rely on

Cybersecurity and data protection are integral to the protection of your company and customers. All our systems come with the latest technology and encryptions to keep your data secure and protected.

Manage your devices internally

Our mobile device management (MDM) platform option can help your IT and systems departments manage your devices from a central hub. It provides users with a standardised company profile that allows you to manage applications, settings and security features within a device.

IT managers are able to regulate, manage, block or allow certain settings and applications including GPS tracking, feature controls and data protection giving them huge security advantages. The platform can be tailored to your needs as a business as well as allowing for different settings in different company departments. Reporting is easy from an MDM platform and can give you great insight into how your devices are being utilised across the business.

This type of system can give businesses the opportunity to increase productivity further and cut costs within the business as well as benefitting from secure communications across the company.

For more information about mobile device management (MDM), please do not hesitate to contact our enterprise mobile team on 03300 24 00 00 for a demonstration.


Onecom’s ‘CommsManager’ – Mobile fleet management and billing

Onecom provide a complete solution for your communications with our ‘Comms Manager’ control centre. You can get access to detailed data on your mobile use across the company including call times, locations, costs and transactions.

This can be utilised to help you manage bad habits and expenditure for a more efficient mobile solution. Each device will record its own data, so you can have fully itemised billing and allocate costs accordingly.

Not only that, but you will also be given a dedicated account manager to help make sure that our tariffs and bolt-ons are the right ones for you based on your usage across the business. We can help you pinpoint areas of unnecessary spending and help review tariffs. What’s more, our service request feature helps you order new devices, request repairs and replacements all from one place.




For more information on how we can help you with your business mobile solutions, contact us today or call us on 03300 535 525.