Fixed Line Systems and Service

Businesses – large and small – are demanding more from their fixed line telephone systems. For that reason Onecom maintains dedicated teams to provision solutions tailored to company size, operational needs and budget.

Calls and Lines

Onecom understands the need to deliver outstanding service, excellent value and total network reliability.

Starting with its unique ATLAS review process, the Onecom engagement model will primarily focus on achieving immediate savings and increasing robustness by transferring services to Onecom’s own facilities and those of its partners.

Working closely with you and your team Onecom will define a strategy, the object of which is to enhance the efficiency and performance of your telecommunications platform.

A fifteen-minute conversation with a Onecom Enterprise advisor, along with an audit of your current billing, is all it takes to calculate the initial savings that can be made.

Call the Onecom Enterprise Solutions Team on 03333 44 55 01.


VoIP & SIP Technologies

Voice Over Internet Protocol defines the use of the Internet to achieve digital voice calling. It is totally scalable and dependable, suitable for any business large or small.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the method of routing digitized voice over the Internet, negating the need for costly ISDN lines. Highly cost-effective due to its method of delivery, this technology is provided as SIP Trunks, each one typically replacing a traditional telephone line, on a like for like basis.

The deployment of SIP solutions has the potential to increase those demands placed upon the capacity and stability of your Internet connection. Onecom provisions not only highly effective SIP solutions but also the required connectivity essential to ensuring totally optimized, cost-effective operation.

SIP Trunks can immediately reduce the cost of voice calling. Onecom’s line rental is lower than ISDN, and when used in conjunction with structured call planning even greater savings can be made when dialling 01, 02, 03 and mobile numbers.

SIP Trunk permits the upgrading of telephone services, whilst minimising the disruption usually associated with the installation of a new network service. Furthermore, they can be increased to meet demand, and reduced accordingly. Whether it be seasonal or tactical demand, SIP allows more capacity to be achieved in the shortest of timeframes.

SIP Trunk services may be delivered using an existing Internet connection, however it is recommended that a Onecom connectivity solution is deployed to ensure guaranteed bandwidth and resilience.

To find out if VoIP is the right choice for your business talk to the Onecom Enterprise Solutions team on
03333 44 55 01.


Mitel – World Class Innovation

On-premise telephone systems provide the ultimate fixed line business communications solution in terms of unified carrier technology, scalability and resilience. Onecom partners with world-leader Mitel to create IP-based installations that are able to combine traditional lines, such as ISDN, with SIP to configure a superiorly robust, dual-redundant system.

Onecom’s Mitel IP enterprise-grade, fixed line telecommunications solutions are supplied and supported on Capex and Opex models.

Mitel’s commitment to developing enterprise communications is unequalled, defining the way the world works today. Mitel is not solely a manufacturer relying on third party thinking – it is a powerhouse of innovation.

As well as being a Mitel Authorized Partner, Onecom is proud to offer a specialist team of Mitel-trained engineers that contribute to the development of the platform on a continuous basis.


Mitel systems offer an extensive range of
call management options

Mitel MiVoice Office simplifies communications, enhancing employee productivity and collaboration, while reducing overall costs.Mitel MiVoice Business delivers seamless integration of voice, mobile devices, unified messaging, presence notification, conferencing and applications ensuring faster, more effective communication.



Safeguard Against Business Interruption

Planning for the worst is vital, however with SIP Trunk not only are there more options to safeguard your enterprise telecommunications, but thanks to the super resilient Internet technology on which SIP is built, each alternative is highly reliable.

Super Resilient SIP (SRS) can be achieved by combining appropriate connectivity with intelligent routing. For smaller scale applications, SIP Trunks connected to Ethernet Over Fibre To The Cabinet (eoFTTC) with DSL failover, managed by an intelligent router, provides a simple cost-effective solution.

For smaller scale applications, SIP Trunks connected to Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) with DSL failover, managed by an intelligent router, provides a simple cost-effective solution.

Larger enterprise applications will require multiple dedicated connectivity options such as Ethernet Over Fibre To The Cabinet (eoFTTC) and DIA (with some potential for ISDN) to achieve multiple failover safeguarding.

WAN-based initiatives provide the very best managed Quality of Service assured solutions that can provide superior interconnectivity between different access technologies, delivering multiple points of failover and bandwidth management.

With SIP Trunk solutions from Onecom, high-quality voice services may be transferred using a single connection without compromising Quality of Service. By pairing SIP with Onecom’s inbound call management system, voice traffic may be rerouted quickly and easily should connectivity be compromised or a location lost.

Discover how powerful SIP trunk technology is – talk to the Onecom Enterprise Solutions team on
03333 44 55 01.


Onecom Access Technologies

Onecom Industry Standard ADSL, EFM, Leased Lines, FTTC, FTTP, Pure Fibre (FTTP up to 1000 Mbs)

High-speed ADSL broadband (over copper) with enterprise-grade reliability and service. Onecom ADSL is ideal for getting – and keeping – your business up and running.

Highly cost-effective connectivity delivering guaranteed bandwidth to the premises over copper, connecting to the national fibre network at the local exchange.

Offering increased download and upload speeds, leased lines are more reliable than a standard ADSL connection. Available in speeds of 2 Mbs,10 Mbs and 100 Mbs, leased line connectivity doesn’t slow during times of peak use.

NB Due to network requirements, the average lead time for leased line installation is 3 months.

Utilising the UK’s ever-expanding Fibre To The Cabinet network, FTTC provides entry-level enterprise-grade, SLA-driven Ethernet connectivity for a fraction of the cost of a leased line. Ideal for SME environments looking to deploy SIP (VoIP) or Cloud-based applications.

With FTTP, there is an end-to-end fibre-optic connection from the national fibre network directly to the customer’s premises.

FTTP is the best method of delivering high-speed broadband services, delivering faster speeds than FTTC.

Onecom Pure Fibre is the connectivity of tomorrow. Ultra-fast, highly secure and incredibly robust, it delivers broadband to your business quite literally, at the speed of light.


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