Save up to 20% on fixed line rental
and call charges
with Onecom


3 Reasons To Choose One Net

Never miss a call

Vodafone One Net integrates your company landlines and mobiles, so wherever your people are working they’ll never miss a business call again. You choose how you manage your calls, and how your customers and colleagues are answered and contacted.

Desk phone features made mobile – in and out of the office

Vodafone One Net provides you with a suite of call management features, which work across your desk phones, laptops, tablets and mobiles, meaning you can use all the features of your office phone system outside of the office.

One contract, one point of contact, one bill, one Voicemail.

Your desk phones and mobiles will be included in a single Vodafone Price Plan, which means calling between any fixed or mobile phone operated within the same account is free. What’s more, the cost of calling ‘out’ is always the same regardless of which phone you use – fixed or mobile.

Users will have one voicemail that’s used for all calling, simplifying the communication process and saving time.

When it comes to support, instead of using multiple providers, there’s just one number to call, once again making things easier, saving both time – and inevitably, money.


One Net Explained


Case Study

Learn how Onecom helped Nobles Construction streamline its communications with Vodafone One Net.

For this Merseyside construction company, being ready means using Vodafone One Net Business on 4G from Onecom to build solid foundations for the future.





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Your Questions Answered

Nominated One Net administrators can use the One Net Client online management portal to administer a wide range of call control changes, adjustments and restrictions.

Individual users are also able to manage their own calling profile using the One Net Client application on their mobile device.

Additional call management changes can be made by the Vodafone Customer Services team.

Yes, Vodafone applies the same stringent security protocols to the One Net solution as it does to its existing fixed and mobile networks.

Calls are never transmitted over the public internet making One Net more secure than any other UK VoIP solution.

All IP desk phones and routing equipment located within the customer premises deploy 2048-bit key encryption.

Vodafone One Net uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) to achieve unbeatable network integrity.

All customer data storage complies with Ofcom regulations.

Planning for the worst is vital.

If access to your premises is compromised, perhaps due to inclement weather, utility failure or transport disruption, business continuity can be maintained using One Net configured mobile devices.

Calls to landline numbers can be quickly and easily rerouted to other locations using the One Net Client online management portal or by calling Vodafone One Net Customer Service.


Discover how One Net can put you in control of your business communications.

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