Internet Of Things (IoT)

Your business completely connected

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects businesses like never before. In a broad sense of the word, an IoT system comprises of all the devices that are connected to the internet. In a business, this can include all the devices that ‘talk’ to each other including sensors, mobiles, emails, video, automated systems, instant messaging and so much more.

IoT is already making its mark in our lives today from industrial machines powered by AI to self-driving cars and refrigerators that help you decide what to have for dinner.

IoT can deliver seamless communication across your business, no matter what location, size or industry. Onecom offers IoT solutions designed specifically for your needs to help identify the devices, networks and applications that will support your business operations.

We deliver solutions that can help you improve productivity, reduce costs and achieve unparalleled connectivity throughout your company.

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How can IoT benefit you?

  • Huge time and cost savings
  • Automated and improved processes
  • Faster communications
  • Seamless network integration where ever you are in the world
  • Fully digital, quality communications and global connectivity
  • Safer, highly secure systems for business and customer protection

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Dedicated account manager

We provide a fully consultative approach to help find the right solution for your business and will be by your side every step of the way to facilitate the installation of any devices or networks and provide you with any support or training you need throughout your business.

You will get your own dedicated account manager who will help to understand your business and identify how IoT can benefit you as well as discuss products and applications that could help you and your specific needs. We will facilitate the installation and help manage and support your IoT applications at budgets

Onecom will;

  • Give you an understanding of how IoT can benefit your business
  • Identify products and applications you need to succeed
  • Facilitate the installation, management and support of your IoT application at a highly competitive cost.

IoT for your industry

IoT can work for any industry for businesses of any size. Whether you’re in retail, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, banking, insurance, healthcare, science whatever – IoT can work for you.

IoT solutions aren’t complex, you can manage all your connected devices from our Onecom Global IoT platform. You’ll receive a dashboard with a real-time overview of your estate. You get access to usage and data which can all be reported upon to help manage your costs and productivity.

All the management tools are simple and effective to use. It provides flexibility so that it works to your requirements. Whether you want to manage your devices, track your assets, enhance your security or digitalise your workspace, IoT could be the perfect solutions for you.

Want to know more about what IoT can offer you? Check out this guide on IoT solutions we can offer at Onecom.

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