The Cloud

Much has been said about cloud computing, and most of it only contributes to an unnecessary confusion.

Cloud computing is all about the provision and consumption of technology resources – it is an exercise in efficiency, and includes the way you manage your communications and computing infrastructure, platform, software, applications and data storage.

Most importantly, cloud computing represents a move from the traditional model of financing (purchase and depreciate) to what is essentially renting what you need, when you need it. The cloud provides the opportunity to purchase computing and communication resources as a service, on a ‘utility’ basis, allowing you to pay for only what you actually need – in terms of capacity, quality, speed and security.

Onecom offers a comprehensive range of cloud services that allow you to access:

Secure, robust network creation (VPLS)

Virtual machines



Instant messaging, voice calling, video, desktop sharing, and conferencing

Documents, email, calendars, and contacts

Access to CRM, inventory control and status systems


With the ability to deliver superior levels of data backup and disaster recovery cloud computing is, for many businesses, indispensable, providing an invaluable support mechanism enabling all vital processes to continue without interruption, no matter what.

The cloud can help move everything faster, scale more easily and significantly reduce costs.

Onecom will configure your cloud architecture to provide unbeatable network performance with fully scalable bandwidth.

Above All Else

The most important issue with cloud-based technologies is security, and Onecom is able to deliver world-leading standards of true enterprise-grade, high integrity service and connectivity.

Unlike traditional cloud access, which is delivered over the shared public Internet or low-grade, non-secure networks, Onecom offers superfast cloud access with no sharing, high robustness and no multiple SLAs.

Cloud computing has the potential to revolutionise your business – to find out how call the Onecom Enterprise Solutions team on 03333 44 40 08.