The benefits of VoIP explained

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Whether you call it Hosted Voice, Hosted Telephony or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), internet-based call systems are becoming standard in many businesses. VoIP is nearly identical in operation to a traditional PBX, but rather than using onsite hardware, calls are routed via the internet. It’s ideal for supporting your remote or hybrid workforce, where […]

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Onecom launches CallTeams – an integrated phone solution for Microsoft Teams

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Business telecoms specialist Onecom has launched a new product that enables users to make and receive phone calls directly from Microsoft Teams – at low cost and wherever they are working. Onecom CallTeams integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s existing telephone systems and has been launched in response to customer demand for a solution that enables […]

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The battle for broadband – how to survive when you’re working from home and the kids are homeschooling

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Here we go again! It may be a new year, but the start of 2021 feels very 2020-ish – we’re encouraged to work from home wherever possible, and if you have kids then they are probably homeschooling. We’ve all been here before so we know the challenges and opportunities it can bring. Hopefully any initial […]

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Covid-led tech trends that are here to stay

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Over the course of this year we’ve turned to technology for communication, work, productivity – pretty much everything! Good tech has been a lifeline in helping businesses through the pandemic. In doing so, we’ve accelerated the growth of many trends that were already in place, and as a result, the way businesses operate may have […]

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Let’s get 2020 out of the way and look at what 2021 will bring!

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What a year it has been – and for many reasons, it’s one we would mostly rather forget. We’ve now had eight months, of restrictions, changed ways of working, social distancing and worry. Although the future looks brighter, it is still unclear when things will start to feel like normal. But it’s not all been […]

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How to become a workplace technology etiquette expert!

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If today’s a work day, chances are the first thing you did this morning was check emails. Over coffee, you might have sent a message to the work chat in Slack or Teams. Perhaps you jumped into the WhatsApp group you share with your colleagues for not-strictly-work-related messages and friendly banter. As the day progressed, […]

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