Is 5G Overhyped? | Onecom

Helen Larkin News, Onecom, 5G

We have conducted some new research that shows that over half of small-medium sized businesses (SMEs) think that the benefits of 5G are over-hyped and exaggerated.  The research found that there is some confusion amongst SMEs around what 5G is, and the actual benefits it brings. Only 29% describe how well they understand 5G as ‘very […]

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Gigabit Broadband

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The government is planning to spend £5bn on rolling out gigabit-capable broadband to the most remote parts of the UK. Those eagle-eyed amongst you may notice their change in language from their initial ‘full-fibre’ broadband talk a couple of months ago, to the more all-encompassing ‘gigabit-capable’ broadband. This includes 5G and other gigabit-capable networks, alongside […]

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Vodafone 5G GigaCube

Vodafone 5G Gigacube review

Sarah Beldon Blog, Vodafone, 5G

Vodafone has released their new 5G GigaCube router and it looks like it’s going to be a gamechanger for business. The fully portable device is going to deliver instant internet at much faster speeds and can be brought directly to you. The GigaCube was officially launched on 15th July by Vodafone, after their 5G network […]

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5G for business

5G for business – how it can benefit you

Sarah Beldon Blog, Mobile, Vodafone, 5G, Samsung

EE was the first to roll out with 5G in certain cities in the UK, swiftly followed by Vodafone, but what does this actually mean for businesses? 5G is the next generation of mobile network with faster speeds and increased capacity for data, which will open up a number of new opportunities for businesses. What […]

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How Much Better is 5G?

Kevin Galway Mobile, Unified, Onecom, Vodafone, 5G, Samsung

You’ve probably heard the term 5G a lot more lately – it’s one of those phrases that has got the tech world buzzing, with many bold claims about the future being made by mobile networks, device manufacturers and tech journalists alike. But what is 5G? And realistically, for the average small or medium business owner, […]

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