International Women’s Day

Helen Larkin Blog, Careers

Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender-equal world. We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, raise awareness against bias, broaden perceptions, and take action for equality. Our individual choices, conversations, behaviours and mindsets can all have an impact on society overall. We all have the power to make change happen. Gender bias, […]

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Time To Talk Day

Helen Larkin Blog, Charity

5 tips to help you have those important conversations  Today is ‘Time to Talk Day’, and Ben Dowd, our CEO, shared why it’s all about giving people close to you a moment to open up and share. Having experienced personally how important it is to try and create opportunities for people to talk, whether that […]

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Data Protection Day!

Helen Larkin Blog, Mobile, Onecom, Samsung

Data Protection Day is celebrated on 28th January each year. Launched in 2006, on this date, each year, governments, parliaments, national data protection bodies and others carry out activities to raise awareness about the rights to personal data protection and privacy. At Onecom, we understand the importance of data protection, security, and the challenges that […]

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Apple for business

The Benefits of Apple for business

Sarah Beldon Mobile, Apple

When purchasing mobiles, tablets and equipment, it can be difficult to decide which makes and models are best to deploy across the business. At Onecom, we help our customers find the right solutions that fit their needs. As an Apple Authorised Reseller and Apple Authorised Service Provider, we can help advise you when Apple is […]

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Nokia Android Phones | Onecom

Sarah Beldon Mobile, Nokia

Over the last few years, Nokia have been making their comeback into the mobile world. With a wide portfolio of devices from low to high-end devices, business customers now have access to quality devices at every price point. Not only that, but Nokia is now ranked number 1 for software updates and security. Plus, all […]

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Is 5G Overhyped? | Onecom

Helen Larkin News, Onecom, 5G

We have conducted some new research that shows that over half of small-medium sized businesses (SMEs) think that the benefits of 5G are over-hyped and exaggerated.  The research found that there is some confusion amongst SMEs around what 5G is, and the actual benefits it brings. Only 29% describe how well they understand 5G as ‘very […]

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