The 5G Debate, And What You Need To Know

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Delegates at the CW Future of Wireless International Conference, which recently took place in London, gave their opinion on 5G technology. They gave it a big thumbs down for use in the near future.

British Home Workers Need Quicker Broadband

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With so many companies employing personnel that work from home, one of the big issues at the moment is the speed of broadband. The faster it is, the greater the productivity, according to a recent survey carried out by Hyperoptic, a gigabit broadband provider. The report reveals that even though people can work longer hours in the comfort of their …

Changes to UK NGCS call charges

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To make it easier to understand how much a call to a non-geographic number costs, Ofcom has introduced some important changes, the details of which can be accessed in full at From 01 July 2015, the following key changes to NGCS call costs apply: Service Numbers (Special Numbers) To call 084, 087, 09 and 118 numbers, the charge will …

Businesses Must Take Full Advantage Of The IoT

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Ten years ago, the Internet of Things (IoT) would not have been possible. The idea of gadgets and appliances fitted with chip technology and sensors that are capable of communicating online is a relatively new concept. As concepts go, history has taught us that the “boffins” that come up with the innovations have a much better idea of how to …

Future Business Innovations Firmly In The Clouds

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With so many companies embracing the Cloud, we can expect a significant investment in this sector over the next three years. Just under 50 per cent of tech-savvy enterprises now rely solely on Cloud computing for new business model launches, and this is set to go up to around 55 per cent in the short to medium term. For business …