About Onecom

Onecom is the UK’s largest independent business telecommunications provider delivering fixed line, mobile, Unified Communications and connectivity solutions.

It is a company that has achieved meteoric growth through substantial investment in its people and processes – its priority being to deliver unparalleled customer service at every level.

Based in Hampshire, Onecom operates a UK-wide network of regional offices and employs over 400 staff.



Onecom provides the opportunity to access all four core elements of your business communications infrastructure from one proven provider, allowing you to extend your internal resources, whilst achieving significant improvements to efficiency and substantial savings.

  • Fully transparent billing from a single source
  • Dedicated UK-based account managers and support teams
  • Mature self-service account management options
  • Simplified inventory control



ATLAS – Advanced Telecommunications Led Applications and Solutions

At the heart of all our commercial relationships is ATLAS, a progressive strategy and provisioning initiative that works for you and your business on a continuous basis.

How ATLAS works:

Onecom will invest as much time and resource as is necessary in meeting with you and your staff in order to understand your business.

Onecom’s Development Team will assess your marketplace, gaining a thorough understanding of the economic and commercial environments within which your business exists, then review the geographic area in which your business functions, be it locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

A telecommunications infrastructure survey will be undertaken to establish exactly the type and robustness of the network options available to your business on a location-by-location basis, also the potential for the introduction of new technology at network level.

Armed with this information, Onecom will produce a summary of the existing telecoms provision and a strategic plan detailing recommendations for improvements, time-lines, costs and savings.

 ATLAS is a comprehensive exercise in evaluation and delivery.