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5G for Business

5G for Business

What does 5G mean for business?

5G can help businesses increase productivity and save on costs, whilst creating a better work/life balance for everyone in your organisations.

No desktop computers, no cables; just seamless, real-time connectivity.

Not only will 5G benefit you within the office, but outside of it too. Remote and lone workers will have faster access to the cloud and communications, wherever they are. Employees are no longer tied to the ‘cubicle’ and can get access to reliable internet access through laptops, mobiles and tablets wherever there is a mobile network.

5G will make conference calling easier too with real-time connectivity and a future in augmented and virtual reality. All of the team will be able to connect at real-time speeds. You no longer have to worry about being connected – you are connected.

5G can offer

  • Increased productivity
  • Faster communication
  • Cost savings
  • Complete connection
  • Faster download times (within seconds)
  • Immediate connection to the cloud
  • Better work/life balance
  • More access for remote or field workers
  • Access to real-time video interaction
  • Access to real-time data
  • Portability
  • Security
  • The list goes on…

Contact us today to find out how 5G can help your business.


5G Unlimited – Work without Limits

With the introduction of 5G unlimited tariffs, it gives businesses more freedom on a day to day basis. Remote workers, commuters and streamers now have the ability to access super-fast and portable data, even on the go.

Onecom works in partnership with Vodafone, Samsung and other providers to provide 5G coverage to our customers. Telecommunications can help businesses grow, in terms of productivity, communication, cost-cutting and much more. We believe we have the position to help each one of our customers achieve their requirements when it comes to their connectivity.

Vodafone has gone in with some pretty competitive tariffs, which we’re proud to share with our customers.

Why Onecom and 5G?

With 5G, we can help businesses get better connected, much faster. We have a range of 5G devices available to our customers, which we can walk and talk you through to show you how you can get access to the next generation of mobile technology.

Not only that, but we’ll get you set up too. Providing not just 5G mobile devices, but also provide you with a Vodafone 5G GigaCube for your business; connecting all your employees from one space to 5G.

That being said, not everyone will be able to access 5G, just yet. You need to be in a city that is 5G ready – but there’s more to come over the next 12 months.

You can check on Vodafone’s network checker here to see if your postcode is in the mix.
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5G and One Net

Upgrade your One Net to 5G with Onecom getting faster speeds for your unified communications. One Net for business joins up your landline and mobile communications. Now, with 5G, you’ll get access to even more reliable communications so you can always be connected.

One Net works perfectly for small and medium-sized businesses to help improve productivity, save on costs and enhance the customer experience. With One Net 5G, you can be more responsive in real-time enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

For more information on One Net and 5G, contact our team at Onecom today.

5G for Business

With 5G for business, you’ll never have to worry again about losing connection or having business disruptions; collaborate, interact and share with speed. 5G will give you more freedom, increase productivity and help you create a better experience for employees and customers alike.

For more information about getting your business connected to the 5G next-generation mobile network, contact our dedicated 5G team today.

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